Thursday, December 9, 2010

Homemade egg noodles, or why I suffer gluten allergies!

These pats of dough were made with Pillsbury "all-purpose" flour. It may well be bleached and lacking everything supposedly contained in whole wheat, but I've found the flour allows the flavor of the eggs to shine! The eggs I used to make the dough were from free range/grass fed chickens. That type of egg flavor is what I'm after in a noodle!

The dozen great eggs I started with made 4 batches of noodles when I added a commercial egg to each batch. The commercial eggs I bought from a local egg house. They are the best eggs I can find at a price I can afford. They make a fair egg noodle on their own, but free range/grass fed eggs are simply superior!

The noodles on the left have begun to dry. The noodle rack hangs over an electric baseboard heater in the kitchen. They might be dry enough to bag by this evening, but I've learned to let them hang overnight if I'm going to store them rather than eat them right away. There is little joy in placing pounds of noodles in a container to use months later and then find them moldy because they weren't really dry!

Three batches of these noodles are heading to Florida as a Christmas gift for my friend La P. The other batch I'm sending back to the people who supplied the eggs. Maybe they'll like the noodles enough to supply me with eggs in exchange for noodles?

I used to sell the noodles and had enough customers to set me to thinking about buying a commercial mixer and turning a room in the house into a drying room. Then I got to thinking on what might happen when the county and state finally showed up demanding I get legal with inspections and permits. I'm a maker, I don't work well with takers. The only way to get the noodles now is to be a friend.

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